We think the greatest need of every student
is knowing Jesus Christ

Just Looking

Just Looking

Who is Jesus? What has he come to do? What does he say about us?
Join us as we look at eyewitness accounts from the Bible about Jesus and his work

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Weekly Sessions

Weekly Bible Study

We meet together weekly as a fellowship to spend time with each other and study the Bible

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Evangelistic outreach

We put on events that help explain the Gospel and answer questions about Christianity

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We also hold workshops that help us investigate what the Bible teaches about various practical topics

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Socials, Retreats and Camps

Throughout the term, we take time off from our hectic schedules for a time of fun fellowship and mutual encouragement

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Why join us?

  • Inclusive

    No matter who you are or where you've come from you are welcome here

  • Biblical

    God speaks. And we faithfully listen to His words as written in the Bible

  • Community centered

    As a community of people who follow Jesus, we seek to try and help each other live for Jesus on and off campus

  • Evangelism driven

    We put on events, to help answer questions about Jesus, and run courses to give people opportunities to investigate the claims of Jesus for themselves

We think there’s no better way for you to spend your time
than joining us at CF.


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